Now that they are free from school, recent graduates will want to hit the road to their favorite summer spots. Many may be looking for a new set of wheels to take them on their adventures. College grads entering the job market need a reliable car as they start their careers. But what should these young drivers and their parents consider when it comes to buying a used car?

Job Pimentel, General Manager of New Country BMW in Hartford and father of seven children, shares his expert advice on purchasing a car for new graduates as they embark on the newest chapter of their lives.


When it comes to the shopping process, many might be shopping and buying used cars online. But is it a good idea to buy a used car online? Pimentel states, “I recommend after shopping online, go and look over the vehicle, under the hood, listen to the sound of engine, look for possible leaks, test drive the care to make sure the suspension is good, and if possible have it checked out by mechanic.”

To make sure the purchase runs smoothly, Pimentel recommends to “ideally buy from a reputable, well established dealership, definitely get a car history and if not, have a trusted technician look over the vehicle. Most dealerships will gladly perform that service for a nominal fee.

Pimentel shares the top five pitfalls of buying a used car:

1. Buying from a non-established dealership

2. Buying a vehicle with a troubled service history

3. Buying a vehicle with a previous major accident

4. When buying from a private party there’s no recourse if any issues come up immediately after the purchase

  1. Not checking to see if there are title issues and/or liens on the vehicle being purchased
  2. Safety

For the safest travel, Pimentel recommends vehicle features and technology such as blind spot detection, back up camera, traction control and All Wheel Drive for young drivers.

Buying a certified car can also be a smart decision when it comes to purchasing a safe vehicle. Pimentel explains that when it comes to criteria for being “certified.,” “Every manufacturer has a different set of rules , but most make sure all mechanical and safety features are in the best possible condition and the aesthetics must be as close to a brand new vehicle as possible.

So if one is looking for the right new ride for post-graduation, all they need is a few tips and tricks to help them get started. With Pimentel’s advice, many recent graduates can be cruising in style, knowing they have gotten a good deal and a reliable car.


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