In an environment where political party or religious affiliation are measures for division, Audrey Lupisella offers a testament to the contrary. In her new book, Lupisella provides a study of the start of the Christian faith and examples of the all-inclusive, all-loving nature of God.

“Impartial” is a study of the beginning of Christianity, with an in-depth look at Acts 1-10 of the Bible. Lupisella testifies, through her teachings and highlighting of documented miracles, that God is an impartial God, who does not conform to social standards, but welcomes all.

“This book was written with the hope and prayer that God uses this journey through Acts to blow your faith wide open,” Lupisella said. “He is a good Father, who answers our prayers with complete faithfulness and lack of judgment.”

Lupisella was a single mother at just 16-years-old. With help from a supportive family, she completed her education and found her experiences were drawing her closer to God. She spent years studying the Bible, before going to seminary and teaching and writing studies for adult and youth groups. “In a world full of division, God is graceful and undiscerning,” Lupisella said. “He offers forgiveness and love for all, regardless of past mistakes, ethnicity, color, social strata or life choices. I am proof of that and I hope to be an example for others of the impartial nature and vastness of God’s love for all.”

Cover_m.gif.jpg impartial book for Sassy Gal


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