Lilla Rose is a hair accessory company that is known for their patented “flexi clip” The flexi, as stylists like to call it is the most sophisticated hair barrette ever made! It is hand beaded from piano wire, so the flexibility and strong hold with no tension is unique and beautiful at the same time! There are a plethora of motifs to accommodate every fashionista. A brand new style is released every month and sold exclusively during that time until supplies last. The flexi clip comes in seven sizes so it works for everyone from baby fine hair to thick long locks!

Lilla Rose also offers unique items with their own twist on familiar products. For instance the hair bands have an adjustable band so that you can fit it perfectly to your head- no more hair headache! Lilla Rose also offers, bobby pins, you-pins, and hair sticks. Instructional sizing charts and videos for all the products can be found at http://www.lillarose.biz/shoppingsheila

The best thing about Lilla Rose is the opportunity it provides for a family-friendly works schedule and the ability for women to decide when and where they will work and how much they want to earn. Whether it’s to help out with the monthly bills, provide a means for a family vacation, or pursuing a full time career, Lilla Rose has the perfect opportunity for you! A free website is provided and there are no monthly or quarterly minimums! What are you waiting for? Join me today!

Sheila Dion



lila rose pic 1


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