Are you ready to adopt?


My crazy cat Eddy, adopted from T.J. O’Connor.

Thinking of owning your own furry friend? Why not consider adopting? There are some great options in Western Mass if you’re considering getting a pet, and adopting from a shelter could save an animals life.

Though many shelters in Massachusetts are no-kill, sometimes the cat population in a shelter reaches capacity and they euthanize cats if they don’t find homes.

T.J. O’Connor is a great place to start looking. Located in Springfield, this shelter has both cats and dogs, fixes their animals, and gives them a microchip so any lost pet can easily be found. Adoption fees depend on the animal and the age, but they do offer an online adoption page where you can see what pets they are currently caring for. T.J. O’Connor also has some really great volunteer opportunities for anyone looking to lend a hand.

On April 3rd, they are hosting their first ‘Helping Me Home’ Gala to raise money for homeless animals. This will include a dinner and a silent auction, tickets are on sale now. Animal Planet’s ‘cat whisperer’ Jackson Galaxy is attending as a special guest.

Dakin Animal Shelter, located in both Springfield and Leverett, is another adoption center. You can actually interact with multiple rooms full of cats, which is pretty much perfect for anyone who’s a feline fan. They have dogs and bunnies as well, plus their website has some great articles, adoption information, and volunteer opportunities too.

Dave’s Soda and Pet Food City in Agawam also has cat adoption through their Feline Friends Adoption Facility located inside their store. You can usually see a dog or two heading for a grooming there as well.

Many people want to by pure breed dogs, or still hold to the belief that pit bulls are a dangerous breed, but before you follow in those footsteps, take a minute to research more about adoption. You could even save a life.

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