gateway city arts

Finding your inner artist

Audrey Dulude

Example artwork by Audrey Dulude.

Having a creative outlet is something that everyone should give a try. Whether it be through writing, music, or some form of art, it’s a hobby that is not only fun, but challenging as well. Gateway City Arts in Holyoke, MA offers a variety of classes that can help bring out the artist lurking within you.

If you’re already and artist and looking for somewhere to work, Gateway City Arts has a membership program that allows its members use of studio space for a monthly fee. You can even teach your own classes. It includes a dance studio, performance space, and a woodshop as well.

But if taking classes instead of teaching them is more your speed, GCA offers a variety of unique classes, everything from Creative Screen Writing and Spanish For Beginners, to Tango and Arts Immersion. Many of the art classes offer a free first class in order to give students a feel for the class itself.

After trying out the Young Professionals class with Benjamin Martins, I was definitely attracted to the idea of spending more time in the studio. Some classes have age requirements but are pretty affordable considering the available tools (Martin’s class is $25 per every 2-hour class). This is a great opportunity for any high schoolers looking for some good art education and even a spot in the Chicopee Public Library’s art show taking place later this year.

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