Five female artists to add to your iPod

Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot performing live in Berlin

Being a music junkie, I always find myself drawn to female vocalists who have unique voices and a great sound. Finding new music is something that’s always good to do, so here are five female artists (though it was hard to narrow it down) that you should add to your iPod.

1. Melody Gardot: This soulful songstress got her sound after being in a severe car accident and started using music as therapy. Her first two albums are beautiful and her music is classic, on par with a modern day Ella Fitzgerald.

2. Florrie: Though she’s never released a full album, this multi-talented musician from the UK still has some great songs, all of which are perfect for driving with your windows down in the summer. Her music is poppy and fun with an electronic feel.

3. First Aid Kit: As someone who’s recently falling more in love with folk music, First Aid Kit really hit the spot for me. Their lyrics are as beautiful as their music and they’ll definitely appeal to any country music fans out there. They even do a cover of Fever Ray’sWhen I Grow Up’ which is another song by a unique female artist.

4. M.I.A.: Many people remember M.I.A. for her song ‘Paper Planes,’ but she just released her album Matangi and it is chock full of great songs to get you pumped. The beats are awesome and it’s perfect for the gym. It also connects a bit to her Sri Lankan roots.

5. Agnes Obel: I first heard Agnes Obel’s song ‘Riverside’ on a TV show and I had to look her up. Ever since then, she keeps impressing me with every song I hear. The Danish pianist has poetry for lyrics and her voice has a slightly haunting quality to it. Her latest album Aventine really is a work of art.

Though there are many more, those are five female artists to check out. Do you have some favorite female musicians? You can check out the live version of Agnes Obel’s ‘The Curse’ here:

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