putnam High school

Putnam High School Gears Up to Stop Substance Abuse

Project Purple

Show your support by wearing a purple ribbon.

Putnam High School will be participating in ‘Project Purple’ this year, an anti-substance abuse campaign started by former NBA basketball player Chris Herron. The event officially kicks off on Jan. 27 where the whole school will be participating in not only wearing purple, but being educated on substance abuse as well. Preceding events have already begun at Putnam and the students will also be going to a leadership workshop, writing essays for the chance to win lunch with the principal, and have a closing celebration with music and entertainment. Don’t forget to tune in to ABC News on Jan. 24 to see news coverage of the event. And to top things off, Chris Herron will be visiting Putnam himself in September. Any sort of volunteering or sponsorship for these events would be greatly appreciated by the high school. This is an event that can really make a difference and these students will be getting educated in a fun way, which is definitely something worth celebrating.

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