Mane Monday: Spring Hair off the Fashion Week Runway

Sassy Gals!

Spring is almost here for those of you fortunate enough to not be buried alive in snow (is it Summer yet, seriously?!) Therefore, it is time to part ways with your favorite winter beret! Believe me, it is a struggle, since I have been donning the same white knitted hat everyday since winter vacation!


(Zero shame.) But, we can get through it together ladies and these hot new hair styles will ease the pain!

This year’s Spring Fashion Week has brought various new hairstyles that are versatile and simply warm weather chic! I am talking about braids, ponytails, big buns, beach waves, and large voluminous hair! From Coach to the Oscar De La Renta runway, these fabulous manes are trending an easier, bohemian inspired look for a warm spring day to a glammed up rocker look for a hot night out! The best part is, they are all very easy D.I.Y. styles!

So tell me Sassy Gals, what new hairstyles are you excited to try for this Spring season?!

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Ombré Your Bridesmaids!

Sassy Brides!

Finding the right color palette for your bridal party can be difficult, especially for the spring season. There are numerous shades of yellow, pink, purple and teal; you could go bridezilla crazy just trying to choose! One bridesmaid looks absolutely chic in blush pink, but the others are doing justice to that salmon hue! Your bridal party is your ultimate accessory; therefore incorporating something unique and special is imperative. Yet, being restricted to one color can dull a bride’s particular vision for her wedding.

In White, a bridal boutique in Feeding Hills Massachusetts, says the hottest wedding trend this season can give you that iridescent inspiration! Ditch the traditional one tone fits all! Get color happy and ombré your bridesmaids! “Ombré-ing” combines tones of one or more color, shading into each other, and graduating from lightest to darkest. This gives the bride a wide spectrum of flattering shades for her to uniquely color coordinate her bridesmaids! No more choosing one color of pink! Now you can have them all!

There would be endless opportunity to embody this theme into other wedding accessories. Get inspiration from Pinterest, with its infinite amount of fabulous interpretations for color shading! Try matching the bride’s flowers to the ombré gowns, or getting funky two-toned ombré manicures!

In White carries a bridesmaid line, The Dessy Group, that fashions ombré into their bridal party collections. It comes in all spring-ready color palettes and styles such as tropical and jade. The line provides numerous ways to use this theme, including the dresses having two-toned ombré designs themselves. However, the most popular trend on both Pinterest and Instagram is having the bridesmaids pick there own dresses by the color preference of the bride, and wearing them from darkest to lightest. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing in photos, it is just plain pretty!

Remember, your bridesmaids are your best wedding accessory! Allow your colorful fantasy to become reality, and go ombré this wedding season!


Oscars 2015: Best Dressed

Sassy Gals! 

I would like to thank the Academy for its ever prevailing haute couture! For this particular Oscar season, I just melted amidst all the bright tones the stars fashioned themselves in! Gold, pink, red and electric blue gowns stunningly swept the red carpet. Versace and Ellie Saab Couture dazzled the most on celebrities with gorgeous beading on Emma Stone’s long sleeved ESC gown to Scarlett Johansson’s high-fashioned jade Versace dress (that neckline embellishment is absolutely mesmerizing!). All the looks encompassed spring with graceful material, and brilliant hues! If I had to pick a favorite, Lupita Nyong’o’s Calvin Klein dress takes the cake in the most fashion-forward look of the night! Drenched in pearls, Lupita is exquisite and daring in the fashionably bizarre textured gown. I hope to see more dresses like this next award season!

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2015 NYC Spring Fashion Week: The Top Four Sassiest Trends

Sassy Fashionistas!

This February, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week had returned to the concrete jungle of New York City, and the trends were getting fierce! The colors were bolder, peekaboo tops were in vogue, and let’s just say khaki is no longer for the girl scouts! Gals, it is time for a fashion spring-cleaning! Toss those bulky sweaters and take these top four trends from the runway to your closet for a lighter and more colorful look.

1. Pattern Play This season is all about statement patterns! From gingham and plaid to oversized florals and geometric shapes! Diane Von Furstenberg and other designers have transformed these frumpy picnic patterns into sexy high fashion ensembles. Steal the Look: Go Dorothy, and pair a baby blue gingham top with matching shorts! Wear black cuff sandals, and accessorize with a black gingham purse!

2. Midriff Tease Class and sex appeal have never been so harmonious! Trending in the Oscar De La Renta spring collection, the peekaboo can compliment anyone’s midriff. The key is to wear skirts that rest above the navel and crop tops that fall right above the waistline. Steal the Look: Taylor Swift inspired; try a satin, floral, high waisted bell skirt with a matching crop top. Accessories should be neutral!

3. Be Bold & Bright Designers are experimenting with bright splashes of magenta, reds, and yellows, complementing the cool tones of their navy, black or olive pieces. With metallic accenting, the look is still runway chic, but ready for the spring season! Steal the look: From the Altuzarra collection, shine bright in a sweeping floral dress that mixes bright colors with metallic accents.

4. Sexy Safari Cropped khakis, suede pants, utilitarian jackets paired with magenta chiffon dresses! Seen on the Victoria Beckham and Ralph Lauren runway, these adventurous styles are extremely wearable and versatile! Steal the look: Try a cropped suede pant, with a bright magenta blouse. Accessorize with an extravagant necklace and do not forget a suede satchel!

So who’s going to dare to flare the gingham pattern this Spring, Sassy Gals?! All you need is a pair of ruby slippers and Toto!


Fat Tuesday Is The Best Day!

Bonjour les femmes effrontée!

Yesterday was one of my most favorite days of the year; Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday has always been a great excuse for us sassy gals to eat our brains out in leftover Valentine’s chocolates and Domino’s cinna-stix!
Not everyone participates in this gluttonous hedonism, but I relish in it! Why? Well, I have begun to notice a trend. Every single year I have had this terrible two-month slump after Christmas vacation. I’ll binge-eat anything in the fridge, while obsessively watching a sitcom (this year was Friends!). There is just something about the cozy ambiance of a snowy night in January that makes me want to bake two-dozen sugar cookies all for myself. I just can’t help it!
Therefore, Mardi Gras is a godsend! This day allows us to celebrate our over-indulgences, and reflect on them. Is food a bad thing? No! Is too much of it bad? Yes! To not negatively ruminate on our life choices and instead honor what we love the most, allows us to make better decisions about it forward! Don’t fast for 40 days and drive yourself crazy denying your indulgences! You will only dive right back into your poor habits! Do take this day to realize a little pleasure is okay, and transform your lifestyle!
Today, I am very motivated to eat healthy and start running again. But you better believe it that I will have a slice of chocolate cake this Friday!
Does any other Sassy Gal love chocolate as much as I do?!


Fifty Shades of Vanity: The Fabrication of Love

Sassy Gals!

Tomorrow Fifty Shades of Grey will premiere as one of the most hyped up romantic & erotic movie in our sex culture since the Twilight saga. Though Twilight was never an “erotic” film, it contains the key ingredient to the success of both of these best selling books: an unattainable fantasy of beauty, wealth, and power. This “vanity fantasy” is used as a sexual mechanism in our everyday lives by all aspects of media and commercialism. The sexuality drives our attraction to money, beauty and power, despite how unrealistic it may be. This correlation is quite overt in both the Twilight and Fifty Shades novels, if you are within the realms of reality. But in fantasy, it is just another delusional love story. The fabrication of star-crossed lovers is hiding the horrific truth that becomes the subtext of the story: relationship abuse. The dollars signs, the beautiful people and the power blind the female narrators and us, the readers into a fantasy world. Bella and Anastasia are both portrayed as fragile and submissive women, who fall under the superiority complex of their disturbed male counterparts. They adhere to the males’ set of standards, not for self-empowerment, but to maintain the relationship. This is despite showing great discomfort in most of the actions the male characters make towards them. Edward and Christian pertain the three irresistible qualities that our society is condition to desire. Both have great wealth, are extremely handsome, and have some form of power. Therefore society would validate the abusive actions towards the female characters as redeemable. Question, then, what if the fantasy was gone? Money and power were obsolete. Imagine if Christian and Edward were no longer “beautiful.” Would it be easier to identify the abuse in these stories?


2015 Grammy’s Fashion: A Metallic Love Affair

Good afternoon Sassy Gals!

Last night, I invoked the spirit of our sassiest gal, the (fashionably) late Joan Rivers, to judge the celebrities’ ever-prevailing taste at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. This season left me crying, cringing, wooing and booing at the television. What was up with Joy Villa’s plastic orange netting dress, or Madonna’s frightening burlesque lingerie (so much butt cheek!) ?! Popcorn was thrown and sassy words were said!
However, out of some of the atrocities, gleamed a sparkly new trend, that was chic and versatile on the Red Carpet. Shiny, cold, hard metals either engulfed or subtly accented many of the celebrity’s looks. Think the Tin-Man, only sexier (and no body paint!)
For this spring season, Fashion Week designers such as Richard Nicoll and Ralph Lauren debuted iridescent and metallic inspired gowns in their collections. The looks ranged from metallic utilitarian jackets mixed with brightly colored chiffon, to flapper-esque tasseling. This trend may seem cold, but it is chic and very spring ready!
Celebrities transitioned this look from the runway to the Red Carpet exquisitely! From Lady Gaga’s drenched in silver Brandon Maxwell gown to Taylor Swift’s hot metallic blue Ellie Saab  curtain skirt! Even Rihanna’s Giambattista Vali cupcake gown sparkled with precious metals (if you could look past all that Barbie-pink chiffon!) Metal was at its most malleable last night! Would you dare to wear it Sassy Gals?

Best Looks from the 2015 Grammy Awards

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Sassy Gal’s Snow Survival Guide

Hey Sassy Gals!

Not sure if it is the beginning of the Ice Age, or just Mercury Retrograde wreaking havoc on the weather! Clearly we are prone to be buried in a foot of snow. It is flurrying its cold-hearted menace outside as we speak! (Sigh.) Yes, we live in New England, so we should have made peace with Mother Nature’s tentativeness. However, I will not be stigmatized with the Northeast. I hate the snow! After the Holidays, its only redeemable quality is an excuse to buy cute snow boots!

Unfortunately, Sassy Gals, it is inevitable that we will all be entombed in a blizzard next week. It’s like a bad break up! We just want it to end, stop coming back!
So for those who equally share a disdain for the inclement weather, I will share my snowed in survival guide! It is a list of activities my friends and I made (and completed) for last week ‘s storm so we wouldn’t drive each other crazy!
Warning: They do get pretty ridiculous. Enjoy!

1. Bake everything in the house

Snow days really exist for us closeted gluttons. Use it to evade the treadmill (the cold weather could give you a cramp!) and binge bake the day away with some friends! Of course you can bake healthy, or you could always grab a couple spoons and demolish the tub of cookie dough….


2. D.I.Y. Projects/ Make Art

Repress your inner hipster/artist no more! If you got that post modern touch, and are feeling a tad pretentious, then a snow day is perfect for you! You can look up D.I.Y. projects on Pinterest! Make some fancy paper cranes, or if you are feeling over ambitious build a fancy shelf! Take some Instagram pictures! Maybe of your cat and call it Avant-garde? You could always just paint something too! Either way, make it original, use a filter, and remember your art matters!


3. Build an indoor fort

Like a little adventure? Make your friends build a luxurious fort of blankets for you! Request nothing but the finest silk in the house! Since you are the snow queen, you simply cannot partake in such a tedious task! Make sure your peasants, eh-hem, friends wave you down with giant ostrich feathers, and feed you grapes right off the vine.


4. Host a pageant

If you guys are a good-looking bunch and have a tiara on hand, then I recommend duking it out to really see who is the fairest of them all! Make it interesting in any way possible; perhaps an aptitude test? Remember the winner must be pretty, popular, and smart!


5. Play Board Games

Do you like forming alliances, being deceitful, and questioning friendships? Then you should be playing board games with your friends! If you really love the drama and want to stir the pot, I recommend playing the board game Survivor, based off the television show. Outwit, outplay, and outlast your buddies! If someone cries in the end, you are the sole survivor!


6. Air Grievances/ Brood on life

If you feel like your group needs to recuperate after your intense board gaming, form an honesty circle and air out all of that negative energy! To appease the self-proclaimed philosophers of the group, perhaps turn the conversation to existentialism or space-time. If you truly want to ponder about your existence, go on Netflix and binge watch Neil Degrasse Tyson’s The Cosmos. All I can say is your mind will be blown.


7. Make a music video to a Taylor Swift song

You absolutely do not need to be a Taylor Swift fan to ‘shake it off shake it off!’ Why I pick her music is because you are going to need a substantial pick-me-up after all of that brooding (girl has got some catchy tunes!). Make a ridiculous dance number, and do not hide your inner diva! Then upload the video onto YouTube and become famous! You’re welcome.


8. Slay the Patriarchy

Um, Sassy Gals! That is something you should be doing everyday, regardless of the snow! Throw the stones of equality at the glass ceiling! Make a difference! Perhaps reconsider the beauty pageant? It’s a scholarship program! (Thank you Miss Congeniality!)


9. Commit a heinous fashion crime

You have been found guilty of dressing poorly!


10. Assign your friends as characters from your favorite sitcom

Feeling a little bitter about not getting into an acting school? Well stick it to NYU and Julliard for neglecting to see your tremendous talent and put those acting skills elsewhere! Have you and your friends hold auditions and pray to God you won’t be type-casted! Keep invested in your character all day, and then hold an award ceremony!


Nice to meet you, where you been? I can show you incredible things…


Salutations my sassy followers!

My name is Kristina, and I will be your Sassy Gal guide, prepared to embark you onto an unexpected journey to Sassy Land. It is here where we will discover the true meaning of what it is to be a sassy gal, and hopefully have some tasty cosmos along the way (virgin daiquiris for my sassy babies!).

About your sassy guide: I am 21 going on 22 this March, I am a Pisces, and yes, I have psychic abilities (I can sense chocolate cheese cake from a mile away!!!).
I am attempting to go gluten free, and have been a failed vegetarian for most of my life. I have an unhealthy obsession with Taylor Swift, cats, and chocolate.
I enjoy yoga, eating, reading the Devil Wears Prada, and talking about space-time. Shopping gives me anxiety, and I have cried in the middle of Forever 21.
Currently I am studying Journalism and Italian Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I like to pretend I am fluent in the language, but hopefully studying abroad in the near future will make me more confident (mamma mia!).

Your sassy journey: Ask not what you can do for Sassy Gal, but what can Sassy Gal do for you! I like to talk about EVERYTHING. Let’s talk about food, relationships, health, world issues, feminism, pop culture, make-up, college, boys, girls, literally anything!
I want to make this an experience you will never forget! I am average; I am not some supermodel fashionista blogger. If anything, I am a huge nerd; I say and do really weird (and sassy) things all the time. I am here to say you are not alone in this society that over-sexualizes women. You are not the only one who feels the constant pressure to fulfill society’s standards of perfection. Therefore it is imperative that we must not be afraid to express our opinions. Let’s combat all the barriers and social stigmas that try to silence us. Being sassy is more than just being cheeky and having attitude, it is about being a strong, brilliant human being.
So be bold! Be flawless!


Kristina D.
Sassy Gal Blogger
WMWM Intern

New Year New YOU!!

winter-snowman-pic.jpgThis is the time of year that we all get excited about new visions, new expectations for the upcoming year!

2015 being no exception, What are your NEW YEAR”S RESOLUTIONS for this year?

We have some great changes coming up for the WESTERN MASS WOMEN MAGAZINE, and for our SASSY GAL BLOG!

So we hope you stay tuned and see all the wonderful changes, information, education, culture, lifestyle and health info

we are going to be bringing you!

We also will be launching the new HARTFORD COUNTY WOMEN MAGAZINE on February 1st 2015! This new publication is

going to be a wonderful asset to the Hartford region. We are very excited to be a part of the Connecticut Media Market!

So let us know what you plan to do this year!